Gratitude Lately No 1



 My amazing friends, family & coworkers. I need to give thanks for to these people more often. They have made me who I am today and have loved me when I was not lovable (which can happen quite often. Gurl got hormones).

This has by far been the best birthday because of the people who made it that way. #thankful!


Summer…where are YOU?!





Weekend Perfection

bloody mary

Bloody Mary= summer staple… Duh.

Can every weekend from here on out be as great as this one was?

Probably one of the greatest things about growing up (if there is anything great about getting older?) is how all of a sudden it’s really fun to hang out with your family. I remember when I was younger I thought I was being tortured if I had to stay at home with my family but now they just can’t seem to get rid of me.

You can run but you can’t hide. Muahahaha.

The weekend consisted of family, friends, sun, boat time, and lots of laughing. Pretty sure there is nothing greater than those 5 things. Well, maybe wine. Which, there was plenty of that!

I would have to say it was an absolute perfect weekend in my book!


Little brother’s graduation…one word- butt sweat.

cor sunglasses

Your my golf ball. Winking smile


Breakfast and fun on the boat- my favorite place to be!

cor boat

Oh hey boyfrand.


4 deep in the bed on the boat. Good good times.

My heart is full of happiness and my tummy is full of ice cream.

That my friends, is called weekend perfection.

Dear Journal

Dear Journal,

Today is March 21st. A great day indeed.

For whatever reason you were a wonderful little day from start to finish. I haven’t felt this content in quite some time so thank you for that. And yes, discovering this little frozen yogurt shop may or may not be the reason for all the happiness. 😉 geeeeeee!

This picture is super awkward for 3 reasons:

1.) I forced my sister to do thumbs up to the frozen yogurt

2.) I’m seriously obnoxiously excited about the frozen yogurt

3.) My brother didn’t know how to take a picture and so we stood there posing like this for what felt like an hour while everyone in the store watched us.


The Best Advice

Hi hi! Good news- we FINALLY have internet at the new place so you know what that means…back to the regular blogging schedule :)!

(I couldn’t help but giggle the whole way through setting up the internet because I couldn’t stop thinking of this.)

So remember when I told you I was currently obsessed with the Oprah website? Well I came across this article and had to share what I found. This post melted my heart so I had to share it with all of you.

I have always been close with my mom. Well…except for the year I was 16; there was a lot of door slamming and “you just don’t understand!” ( in my most dramatic voice)…Sorry about that mom 😉

I feel very blessed that I consider my mom one of my best friends. (We get along A LOT better when we aren’t living under the same roof!) I usually call her at least five once a day, text her and email her a lot. She is the first person I call when I need real advice on most situations. I trust what she has to say and most of the times ,she is right. I guess after 23 years, you get to learn a little about someone.

This article I stumbled upon was basically a bunch of people sharing comments about the best advice their mom has ever given them. My mom has given me a lot of advice through the years but one thing that will always stick with me is whenever things weren’t going quite right she always says, “Let go and give it to god.” I love this. Simple, to the point, and a good idea.

What’s the best advice your mom has ever given you?

(My dad gives great advice too. I always call him about money, car, or work life advice.  But I don’t think he knows what to do with me when I go blubbering around the house crying about boys and what not. That’s what moms are for!) 😉

This is the letter I found while I was reading through this article . I don’t know the relationship behind this mom and daughter, their life story or if they even had a great relationship but I thought it was a beautiful letter from a mother to a daughter.If you have time, I highly suggest you take the time to read it and really think about it. I found it very inspirational and was quite touched by it.

Curly Girl Greeting Card Mom





My Dearest Daughter

Soon you will be out of our home. How blessed we are to have had you with us
for these 17 years. Watch out world, Here she comes! As you embark on this next
step in your journey there are a few things I would like to share.

I am so very proud of you and grateful to mother you. I have faith in your
abilities to embrace the world with compassion and create joy, harmony and
peace. After all it is your purpose in this life.

It is your vision and self determination that has gotten you to being an
exchange student to Brazil and it will get you to any goal in life. I applaud
your focused attention and intention. That has brought you to this stepping
stone in your life.

Between the beginning and the end there is always a middle Brazilian proverb

Walk with both humility and confidence in all surroundings. Seek order and
propriety through observation and intuition. Be mindful. .Avoid habitual
behaviors and make no assumptions. Stay open to seeing everything as new. This
will allow for lifelong learning.

Be benevolent. Live in integrity with fairness and flexibility. Be
understanding of the shortcomings in yourself and others. Be forgiving as a way
of life.

How to forgive- There are four steps to 4-giving.

Give Attention. Be aware- Any negative energy or lack of integrity requires
forgiveness. Look in the mirror to consider how you created or contributed to
any negativity. Learn from your Mis-takes.

Give Thanks. Be grateful Appreciate the lessons learned. Life provides
opportunity for the evolution of the soul. A fulfilled and enlightened life is
the goal. You are making progress. Never regret your path to progress. It is
the tapestry of your life that holds your beauty

Give Help. Be amenable-Atone for misdeeds. Undo, Redo make-up or do over. A
mis-take requires a re-take. It is never too late even if you can only redo it
in your mind and heart. Always do your best. Restore your integrity.

Give Love. Be Love-love is patient and kind, understanding and up-lifting,
unassuming and non-judgmental. Love is a powerful positive healing force. Use

I am because we are, and because we are I am.

Be loyal to God.

Love, honor and Respect your parents

Respect your elders

Appreciate the complimentary roles of men and women with equality

Cultivate well-balanced and righteous friendships

Be kind to family, friends and neighbors

Share your gifts to uplift your community

Respect and assist the poor

Appreciate hard and productive work

Respect the energy, effort and hard work that money represents

Be a good role model and mentor others

Equanimity under duress

Keep a cool head especially when others are loosing theirs. Breathe! In
confusion, in fear, in angerTake a deep breath. Breathe slowly, deeply, softly
and evenly! This will connect you to your spirit. Protect the weak and be
strong. Protect yourself from trickery by going with your gut instincts. It
will let you know if something is amiss. Move along if you feel pressured,
Avoid drama and gossip.

Do not let your emotions get the best of you! Your life force is channeled by
your emotional energy. Your E-motions puts your energy into motion. You can
choose the direction. Are you working through negativity anger, fear, denial
and frustration to get to positivity hope, enlightenment and Love? Be true in
word and just in deed.

Make speech a good servant The teaching s of Ptah-Hotep

Speak and live truth. Balance your thoughts and actions instead of misusing
words. Make your word your bond, Do not promise what you cannot deliver Never
break your word. If things are not working out as planned- re-negotiate. If you
have made a mis-take actively seek forgiveness. Do not hope to avoid the
situation. Do not make excuses or blame. Do not wait to be confronted or worse,
shunned. Take responsibility. Face it head on and get it over with swiftly.
This will lessen everyones pain.

Listen attentively. Avoid hotheaded persons. Stay in control of yourself in an
emotional situation. Being calm and speaking softer, slower and quieter will
allow other persons space and time to get control of themselves. Have them
follow your lead. Do not get swept up in their negative energy. Be wise.
Breathe. Seek silence to listen to your inner wisdom. Be contemplative. Take a
breath ___ pause ___before you speak. Be self controlled.

Be gentile, but not passive. Be courageous. Do not be silent when it is your
duty to speak. Be humble. Do not be proud or arrogant with your knowledge. Be
compassionate and give council with your heart. Us e your beautiful smile to
communicate your good will.

Dont put your mouth on yourself Jamaican proverb

Stay positive! What are you thinking? As a thought pops into your head you have
a choice. You can dismiss it, you can dwell on it or you can revise it. Think!
Analyze and ponder life, but balance logic with the wisdom of intuition.
Reflect through the myths, mores and proverbs of the worlds cultures. You can
choose a thought you want to make your reality and repeat it until you believe
it. Convince yourself!

He, who knows nothing, doubts nothing. Brazilian proverb

You know right from wrong. You know the truth, it is not found in your head, it
is found in your heart. You know through the wisdom of your body, your feminine
energy, intuition and instincts. Treat your body temple well.

Go to sleep! Breathe. Relax into a restful, restorative and rejuvenating sleep
to be at your best. Journaling to process your day will give you comfort and
clarity. Ask your soul questions before you go to sleep and recall the answers
from your dreams, or seed your dreams with your desires. Follow your dreams.
Pay attention to flashes of inspiration and information. Gain insight from your
dream messages.

Eat mindfully! Give thanks for the food, the cook and the nourishment of your
body. Appreciate the sight and colors. Smell the aromas. Do not rush. Slowly
and deliberately chew your food. Take your time. Enjoy every bite. Savor the
flavors, tastes and textures. After you swallow, take a breath before the next
bite. Stop eating when you are 80 % full, this allows you the room to move and

Move. Be active and get exercise. Being involved in group fitness activities or
team sports can lead to bonding and friendships. Sports will keep you active
and strong. Exercise keeps your mind clear. Get involved. Find a club that
interests you. Activate your brain cells with a new endeavor. Express your
creativity through the arts. Join an artistic group or class. Keep moving.
Dance to the music of your soul!

The trees with most leaves will not necessarily produce juicy fruit. Brazilian

Work purposefully and productively with positivity. Be proactive and get your
schoolwork done right away. Plan ahead. Ask for help. Look for people to be
your mentors. In times of struggle remembering the role models of your
ancestors will give you strength. Find your circle of support. Help around the
house. If you see something that needs to be done, do it. Work with your family
on any family projects. Serve your Rotary District, school and community
passionately. .Be creative! This extraordinary journey is a Rite of Passage for
you. Pursue this opportunity with the same rigor and self determination.
Reflecting on your past experience will help you find your way. You never know
what to expect. Be open to trying something new.

Balance your hard work with rest and play. It is nobodys job to entertain you
and you shouldnt be wasting time escaping into the cyber world of technology.
Make your own fun. Dont expect other to make you happy. It is your job, but you
can always spread your joy to others. There will always be ebbs and flows in
life. There will be times that you will be overwhelmed and other times you may
be bored. Enjoy music, art, poetry and books. Rest and replenish yourself. Take
time to relax. Enjoy nature. Harmonize with Mother Earth, She is a great
healer. Take good care of her; she takes good care of us. There is great wisdom
and solace in nature. Nature keeps you close to God.

Stay connected to God. Be involved with your family or communities spiritual
rituals and traditions, while enjoying and sharing your own expressions. Stay
prayerful. Every thought is a prayer. Are you praying for or against yourself?
Are you praying positively for others?

A wise man learns at the fool’s expense. Brazilian proverb

We are all connected by our individual duality our undivided dual nature as
human and divine. These forces are constantly at a tug of war vying for
control. The angel on one shoulder trying to get you to do what you know is
right and the other little devil on the other shoulder tempting you to do the
wrong thing. The road less travelled is the road of delayed gratification that
can lead to your bliss. You have felt the gratification of being in the flow
and getting it right. It is a feeling past your mind through your heart into
your soul.

You are special and unique. Our entire global family is connected through our
individual consciousness with the collective divine, universal consciousness.
We reach glimmers of enlightenment through conscious effort. Deep thought
brings understanding. We receive sparks of illumination from following our open
heart to our souls passions. The goal is to live from this soul wisdom in love
and service to others, basking in divine love through meaning and purpose

You can only take out of a bag what was already in it. Brazilian proverb

I had a friend that could eat a pear down to the stem with only the strings of
the fruit holding the seeds. He would suck all the life and nutrition out of
that fruit and make the most of every bit he could use before disposing of the
waste. I think of that as I make my smoothie in the morning and commit to try
to live each day with that passion and enthusiasm. I hope that in your life and
in this wonderful opportunity that you will be experiencing you will suck the
life out of every moment.

Peace, Love, Recycle,



Q of the day: What’s the best advice you’ve ever heard?