The day I ordered a penguin hat.

Today I ordered this. because I believe every 23-year-old needs a penguin hat.

20% OFF - Peeking Penguin Earflap Hat with detachable flower available

I bet you guys didn’t know I have ridiculous obsession with penguins. Maybe you did. Actually, it’s not that I’m so obsessed with penguins it’s just that they remind me of maddie and so I love them and anything that resembles maddie.

Hi Mo.

I saw this hat and HAD to have it. So I got it.

Before I ordered it I had to measure the diameter of my head to make sure the hat would fit. My head is 22″ round. Then, I got nervous and measured my butt. My butt is 34″ round. Just had to make sure, seems proportional. No?

Also, there is a penguin exhibit at the Minnesota zoo. I’m dying to go. Dying.