Dear Journal

Dear Journal,

Today is March 21st. A great day indeed.

For whatever reason you were a wonderful little day from start to finish. I haven’t felt this content in quite some time so thank you for that. And yes, discovering this little frozen yogurt shop may or may not be the reason for all the happiness. 😉 geeeeeee!

This picture is super awkward for 3 reasons:

1.) I forced my sister to do thumbs up to the frozen yogurt

2.) I’m seriously obnoxiously excited about the frozen yogurt

3.) My brother didn’t know how to take a picture and so we stood there posing like this for what felt like an hour while everyone in the store watched us.



Day 12

Today I’m thankful for …

afternoons dates with myself spent at the bookstore.

I’m pretty sure one of my absolute favorite places to be is the book store. I realize how dorky that sounds but seriously I love it. I can spend hours in a book store just browsing through books wishing I could take each one home. I especially love the children’s section. Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein, and all the glorious fairy tales. It’s the perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon. When I grow up I want to have the biggest library in my house.

(…when I grow up? Not sure the official date of when that will be happening but I’ll keep you posted.)


day eight…nine?

Shoot… I missed a day. And i’m too tired to really blog now so a list will have to do.

Because I swear, I have lots to be thankful for, i’m just a lazy girl.

Here we go!

A brand-new purple, plush, omg-it’s-so-comfortable-and-warm-and-fuzzy-I-could-die-right-now-and-go-to-heaven. (If heaven would even except me if i died… ? that’s a weird phrase, where did it come from?)

(that’s the purple blanket under the green blanket that I actually love more than the purple one. but I couldn’t afford the green one so I went with the next best (cheaper) one….the purple one.) :)!

Yoga class. Ah Yoga, I haven’t practiced you in too long. You are amazing, you make me feel amazing, and i swear if everyone practiced Yoga, things like body issue images might not exist. Thank you for reminding me to be thankful for what my beautiful body can do, flaws and all.

The phrase omgomgomgomg. I can’t stop saying it. I guess that means i’m thankful for my brother-in-law as well, since he got me hooked on it. Hi Jeff, I like you.

Bert-a-lert! Happy almost 26th birthday. I’m beyond thankful for you (even the days I don’t like you so much). I think you are an amazing/wonderful person, who will do great things with your life. I love the way you think and approach life; you inspire me in more ways than one. Also, I can’t wait until you have little babies and I get to teach them to chew bubble gum, introduce them to stamps, and tell them stories about when you took out the car when you weren’t supposed to. Muahhahaha. Happy Birfday sister.

I’m thankful for this song. It’s been on repeat.

Christmas lights. They make me feel all giddy and warm inside. Anyone else? No just me…okay awkward.

These sexy men. wait…what? omgomgogmomg

day seven

I am thankful for…

phone calls with this friend. For as long as we’ve been friends, my mom has always said we have our own language because she can never understand us when we talk to one another. I think that’s because its always muffled in laughter.

and a lot of hand gestures.

oh and dancing.



day five

oh dear

I am thankful for….

Saturday mornings that consist of:

waking up early than sleeping in too late

the nest

Mary Poppins on TV…and singing along

mountains of blankets

Goofiness & Laughter.

Homemade banana bread

French Press coffee…(and a boyfriend who knows how to use it because surprisingly I don’t)


Not having any plans for the rest of the day.

Happy Saturday.