uptown girls

Things I’ve done today:

1.) slept

2.)ate mass amounts of pickled beets

3.) went to the grocery store, walked around, ate free samples then left

Succesful weekend with my favorite girls.

Especially this girl.

Aerator contraption…don’t understand.


Weekend funness

Bike Riding (FUN). Olympics Watching. Girlfriend time. Birthday celebrating. Wine Drinking. Dessert eating. Dancing floor dancing (lots). Singing. Lots of laughing. Bar closing. 3 am bed times. Napping. Sun soaking. Book reading.

All good good things.

Weekend fun-ness why must you always come to an end?

Monday go away.


>In honor of one of my best friends moving away I decided to dedicate my daily post to my most favorite people in the whole wide world- these 4 girls.

Hanson, Laym, Molls & Kris

The 5 of us have been friends since the beginning of high school. Molls, Kris and Sarah have been friends since grade school (private school girls pssssh) then laym and I came into the picture in high school.

 I met Molly on the first day of high school. We both sat in the corner of our history class. The first time I met her we had a giggle attack during class and the teacher knew to split us up for the rest of the semester. It was true love best friend at first sight.
after molly got her very expensive speeding ticket…
Who knows
I met Sarah through choir and Kristin through raidaires (dance).  Layman and molls met in English (true?) and somehow we all ended up together. The rest is history 🙂
Our favorite place- Kristin’s kitchen
Molls 21st birthday
Fun night at Gustavus
I can truly say these girls will be my best friends for the rest of my life and feel incredibly blessed to have such amazing women in my life.  Throughout high school and college we have remained very close and been there for each other through it all- leaving for college, break-ups, 21st birthdays, trips, good days, bad days, summers, and everything in between. I would consider these 4 girls my family and am very sad that one of us is finally moving away. It’s funny because in high school we used to talk about the future and I can’t believe it’s finally here. I remember one specific conversation on a typical Friday night trip to a football game,in between inhaling handfuls of white chocolate mix, the topic of what will happen in the future came up. We all decided that most likely by the time we were juniors/seniors in college we would all be engaged and ready to settle down. Psssh! We are all now graduated from college and veryyyy far from settling down.
Cabin dance party
Late night swim anyone?

Here’s to kind of growing up and to the girls who have been there along 🙂 I can’t wait to see what the next 5, 10, 20 years hold!