Bye bye books?


Random thought: Are books becoming a thing of the past?Are they going to be apart of the same category as VCRS? If so, what’s gong to happen to beautiful bookcases and libraries? I’m concerned and the interior design world should be as well. If libraries become extinct, I will cry.

With that being said…my next book is going to be A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

Has anyone read it? If so, thoughts and please send me your copy :). I’ll book swap ya!





Book Club…well kinda

Forewarning: This blog post contains the word vagina. I just wanted to give a ‘heads-up’ because you know, that word makes some people uncomfortable. So, you’ve now been warned. vaginavaginavagina.

Tonight was our first little book club. I know what you’re thinking, “A book club? Are you a 40-year-old women?!”

Right, I get it.

Answer: No I’m not a 40-year-old women but yes most days I feel like I am- my back aches, I like to be in bed by 9 pm and that’s all I know about 40-year-old women so I’ll stop right there.

Book club started out as so- a group of my favorite people wanting an excuse to get together, drink red wine and talk about girl things.

Girl things include- books, work, boys (men?) and vaginas. <– yes, I said it.  No shyness over here. #Sorryimnotsorry.

So a book club was started! Plus, I do enjoy reading a dorkish (word?) amount.

The original plan was to read the book, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo but after much debate (5 minutes) we all realized we should start with a less intense book and let’s be honest, we wanted to read a book about affairs, drama and sex.

The best part of this was once someone “suggested” that (affairs, drama, sex) was the topic we all secretly wanted to read about, everyone was like ‘ahhh yes!’ so we are now reading the book called Smut.

Here’s the book:

I guess this book is filled with drama, affairs, sex, and all those bad but oh-so great thanngs. Ya know what i’m sayinnn?!

Natually this question was asked (by yours truly): well what does smut mean? Soo what the heck does it mean! ?

Off to bed.

Peace, love and FYI seal and heidi klum broke up 😦 ???,