Dogs Days

Today I pretended to be a dog.

I woke up.

Ate some dog food oatmeal.

Decided to go back to bed for a “nap”.

Woke up and went for a run.

After the run, it was nap time again… on the living room floor.

Drank toilet water pickle juice from the toilet bowl pickle jar. <— omg NOM.

Napped again for a while.

And now im preparing to go do some downward facing dogs.

Being a dog is hard…al these naps really make me tired!

In my next life, I hope god lets me come back as a wiener dog. Preferable, this one.


2 thoughts on “Dogs Days

  1. If you’re going to be a wiener dog…that’s the one to be. SO cute!! Sometimes I wish my life was more like a dogs. I say nap time should be a daily requirement!

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