Lipstick thoughts

I actually find this quite funny…which just goes to show I’m not mature enough (yet).

This weekend I had a long discussion about lipstick with one of my girlfriends. Yes, lipstick.

As we were standing outside of the bar about to go inside, my girlfriend stopped and said “hold on, I need to put lipstick on.”

Me: “Wait, when are we supposed to start wearing lipstick?! (seriously concerned). “I mean, how do you know when you need lipstick?”

Probably to most people, this is not  a concern but all of a sudden it was on my mind.

So today after lunch, I attempted to put lipstick on. In the car. While I was driving. <— smart.

Verdict: I looked in the mirror, laughed and said, “I’m not mature enough for lipstick!”

I guess I’m not quite there yet. Thank god because I looked like a 10-year-old trying to wearing lipstick. It was odd.

I will just stick to my gloss for the time being. thankyouverymuch.

Lipstick giggles

Sidenote: The smell of lipstick always reminds me of when I was little and watching my mom get ready before she went on dates with my dad. I love it- the smell and the memory that goes along with it.


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