Bye bye books?


Random thought: Are books becoming a thing of the past?Are they going to be apart of the same category as VCRS? If so, what’s gong to happen to beautiful bookcases and libraries? I’m concerned and the interior design world should be as well. If libraries become extinct, I will cry.

With that being said…my next book is going to be A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

Has anyone read it? If so, thoughts and please send me your copy :). I’ll book swap ya!





7 thoughts on “Bye bye books?

  1. I absolutely cannot stand to think of there being no books. Worse thought in the world!!! I can’t wait until we get a bigger house and I can fill it with built-in bookcases!!!

  2. I hope I never see the day of only e-books! It would be such a shame. I love picking up a book and turning EVERY page. Books make my world go round 🙂

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