A little love story

A year ago today I met a wonderful person who has without a doubt made my life more fun, more giggly, more spontaneous, more goofy (!!!), more adventurous, more meaningful and all around better.

XL foreheads. Meant to be.

A year ago today boy meets girl on the steps outside of a bar (classy).

Girl and boy talk about their love for Frank Lloyd Wright, architecture and other dorky things. (Girl pretends to know more about architecture than she actually does to impress boy. Guess it worked, Booyaaaah.)

Girl thinks boy is interesting (and cute) and decides to ask him out. (Of course, after discussing this with her mother. Mother approves.)

Boy does the actual asking out (duh) and girl says sure!

15 (2)
At my sister’s wedding. My family liked this boy more than me, so I had to keep him.
16 (2)
I like your glasses.
Farm in the fall.

Then girl gets too nervous and cancels but boy is persistent and reschedules.

Boy and girl go on a little dinner date, share their weird stories, and have an all over splendid night.

(Girl still remembers boy showing up in his staple plaid shirt and thinking he is the cutest thing that has ever showed up at her front door.<—Truth.)

Corey’s #1 O!
Skiing trip…aka the trip caitlin almost died.

Then girl and boy decide they are quite fond of one another, spend the rest of the summer together, and as they say, the rest is history!


And they lived happily ever after. (…as long as girl doesn’t kill rosie.)


Thanks CGG for being your weird little self. You really are my most absolute favorite thing ever. And the fact that you haven’t run away screaming yet has to mean something!Winking smile


“And then my soul saw you and it kind of went ‘Oh, there you are. I’ve been looking for you.’ -Iain Thomas



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