weekend shenanigans…#instagramstyle





Uptown- easily my most favorite place to be right now. I can’t get enough of it.

Cutest mini photo album

Two of my favorite people. Lots of laughter.

New dresser. Love. (why do I have such a sassy stance?#i’mawkward)

“Little” brother. Dork.

Favorite little person. “When I color with chalk, it feels like I’m exercising because my arm moves so fast!” 🙂

Good daily reminders

Little Free Library <— World’s greatest (& cutest) invention!

Today we spent the day biking around the cities. Exploring the city on my bike is my new favorite way to see it (now that I’m not so afraid to bike in uptown). During our bike adventure, we managed to get stuck in thunderstorm. We came home covered in mud and enough though, it was still a perfect way to spend my Sunday afternoon.

I ❤ weekends here.


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