Case of the Mondays


I’m having a case of the Mondays. <—I’m not sure what this phrase actually means but I think it means you had a stupid day. (Since all the work people cool kids are saying it, I pretend to know and say it too.)

I decided to buy this spray at Whole Foods (side note: why is Whole Foods such a great place?  It’s like heaven in earth. Move over Starbucks, you will no longer be receiving my paychecks). So yeah, I bought this spray thinking it was going to be “calming’”…aka cure my case of the ‘Mondays’. I sprayed it around the room and since it wasn’t taking affect fast enough I decided if I sprayed it on my arms and chest, it would soak into my soul body faster thus speeding up the calming affect.

Wrong. I’m still feeling stressed and now my arms itch an insane amount.

In other Monday news, I spent $10.89 on 4 honey crisp apples today.

Reeeeally Honey crisp? I’m returning them tomorrow.

…Is it the weekend yet?


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