Weekend Perfection

bloody mary

Bloody Mary= summer staple… Duh.

Can every weekend from here on out be as great as this one was?

Probably one of the greatest things about growing up (if there is anything great about getting older?) is how all of a sudden it’s really fun to hang out with your family. I remember when I was younger I thought I was being tortured if I had to stay at home with my family but now they just can’t seem to get rid of me.

You can run but you can’t hide. Muahahaha.

The weekend consisted of family, friends, sun, boat time, and lots of laughing. Pretty sure there is nothing greater than those 5 things. Well, maybe wine. Which, there was plenty of that!

I would have to say it was an absolute perfect weekend in my book!


Little brother’s graduation…one word- butt sweat.

cor sunglasses

Your my golf ball. Winking smile


Breakfast and fun on the boat- my favorite place to be!

cor boat

Oh hey boyfrand.


4 deep in the bed on the boat. Good good times.

My heart is full of happiness and my tummy is full of ice cream.

That my friends, is called weekend perfection.


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