Chicago take 2 – day 1

If I could sum the whole weekend up in one word it would be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Wait what?!

Since I can’t sum it up in one word, I’ll just recap the whole weekend.

Deep breath! Here we go!

Before I get to Day 1 of Chicago, I have to start with my flight out to Chicago.

Here’s what I discovered about airports- I don’t like them. And really, I don’t like the whole airport-travel-flying thing either. Especially when they delay my flight. Believe me, I really wanted to be that kind of person who enjoys the whole traveling airport thing, but I really don’t. End of story.


Chicago Day 1- Let the shopping festivities begin!

Since Corey had to work all day, I decided to do what I do best, shop! And shopping is what I did. Lots of shopping. So much shopping my card stopped working. No I’m just kidding, but I was afraid that might actually happen. I literally shopped til I dropped on the ground of Millennium park and woke up confused as to where I was, sunburnt and with a frozen Klondike bar next to me that was definetly not there before I laid down. (p.s. they still make Klondike bars?!) and grass stuck in my hair. I’d have to say it was a greaaaaat day!

Since I’ve only been to Chicago twice, I didn’t really know where anything is located. I told Corey to just drop me off at Michigan Ave and let me run wild! I also told him to hand over his credit card and no one would get hurt.This,unfortunately, did not happen. (…shucks!)

I basically just walked up and down the streets, looking for stores I liked (and could afford) and tried to not get run over by any crazy Chicago taxi drivers. All was a success!

After I had enough shopping (is that even possible?) I decided to relax with a glass of wine at a  little restaurant  that overlooked the city.

At this point, I was feeling pretty proud of myself for exploring the city all by myself, not getting lost and was really enjoying my alone time.This feeling lasted until some random man came up to me and asked me why I was sitting all alone at a restaurant.

Um…It’s 5 o’clock somewhere…?

Since I didn’t have a comeback, I played deaf until he walked away. Here’s where I decided I was over the whole hanging out in Chicago alone.

After work we headed out to a jazz bar that apparently was known for Chicago’s ‘best happy hour’. (This would be Corey’s findings. I’d just like to make that clear for the sake of the story). This little jazz bar was called Green Mill and as soon as we stepped into the bar it felt like we were on the set of the movie Ray Charles. The bar was great but for $20 for two tiny cocktails, I would have to disagree with it being Chicago’s ‘best happy hour’. Either way, it was a great little adventure.

After happy hour, we headed out for dinner at a cozy little restaurant next to where Corey lives. The food was good but the conversation was better. On our walk home we decided if anyone had been listening to our conversation they would have thought we were two very strange individuals. We thought we were pretty stinkin’ funny….and weird.

After dinner we called it a night and were in bed by 10 pm. <—crazy party animals, I know I know.

Day 2 recap tomorrow…the day of 145,103,102 gazillion steps (and a whiny Caitlin).


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