Apartment hunting is dumb.

Who knew apartment hunting was such a joke? A big fat serious, time-consuming joke.

Plus, I swear it’s dangerous.

One man told me to just meet him in the basement as soon as I got to the apartment. Um…yeah, no.

I  have days of stories of all the apartments I’ve seen and all the weirdness I’ve encountered.

One man showed me an apartment that cost an arm and a leg and the best part, you could pee and cook dinner at the same time. Studio apartments? Not a fan.

Long story short, I will never look for a place again.

That means I will die a single, little old lady in my new apartment in uptown. And my 30 cats will eat my body.

The end.

P.S. I’m excited to live in uptown. I hope I become a hipster who wears large rimmed glasses and smokes cigarettes.

The end, seriously.


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