What my 20s have taught me thus far

Don’t you hate it when you grow up and you realize basically everything your mother has ever said told you is usually right? (Damn it!)

Now, whenever I make a big fat life decision I have to excuse myself to call my mother. <– Serious.

“Um…yeah I think I can do that. Hold on, I need to go call my mother quick.”

I mean, it’s a little ridiculous but I swear everything I’ve ever done against my mother’s advice has ended with the “I told you so” lecture. I guess old people really are wise. 😉

So as I was going through some photos this morning, I came across these and it reminded me of that ONE time I didn’t listen to my mother’s advice.

Long story short, last summer I decided to buy a puppy (against my mother’s advice NOT to). Because you know, I moved out of the house, had a full-time job and thought buying a puppy was the step in “growing up”.


Mom, you were right. Lesson learned.

I will now never own a dog or have a child. (how people have a dog, child, husband, clean house and job? Yeah, no idea…I’m guessing this is why god gave us wine. And girlfriends.)

And while it was a big lesson learn-er, it was quite possibly the most fun week of my life.









(I LOVE this picture!)


What my 20s has taught me so far- don’t buy a puppy when you have a full-time job.

And always listen to your mother’s advice.

Thanks Mom.


2 thoughts on “What my 20s have taught me thus far

  1. omg – im realizing MORE and MORE everyday how right my mom has been about everything … ugh!

    & ohhh i saw on your portfolio page that you are an alpha phi! I just recently went alum from West Virginia University … AOE!

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