Dear Journal

Welcome to my journal! (I’m pretending this is my actual paper and pencil journal.)

Journals/secret diaries (with locks) don’t last over here for fear of someone actually finding out all my deepest, darkest secrets (gasp!) and due to the fact that my hand always gets S O sore because it can’t keep up with my (scatterbrained) brain.

Long story short, I don’t journal and never will. (getitgotitgood)

butt but IF I did keep a journal, this is what it would say tonight:

Dear Journal, (insert date here…duh)

Today was a pretty good day (after 5:00 o’clock.) Only kidding…rememeber the no complaining rule?

I’m still hating this long distance relationship thang (it’s been like 2 weeks…crap!) but this little tid-bit tonight made me giggle and I’d like to remember it (this is what journals are for, hello!)-

Someday when we are 80, sitting in our rocking chairs, farting and can’t hear each other (fart or speak) I hope we remember when we used to sit on the phone and discuss our days: goofy things like what heart burn feels like and ‘god forbid, I’m to young to have heart burn!’ And things like extra-large moths in hotel rooms (and having serious concerns of swallowing them in our sleep). I mean, this is the reality of two people madly in love. Romantic? Hands down, hell to the yes. I wouldn’t change a thing. I mean, except this whole long distance crap.

Just a reminder Caitlin, it’s all good (in the love) hood.

Thanks for listening journal, you’re the best.

Your BFF, CJ

P.S. Someday you will have a flat “mom” butt so embrace it now guuuuuuuuuuurl! (<–something I would probably actually write in my journal… if I kept a journal.)

…see isn’t journaling fun? And my hand isn’t even sore!


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