This life is a slippy slope

I quick wanted to share this embarrassing story so I can giggle about it and move on.

Yesterday morning before work I had to go look at an apartment with my landlord.

I was semi-upset with him and the given situation (long story, not going there) so I was trying to be super “bad-ass-bitchy” Caitlin. I felt I needed to have this attitude so he knew I was s e r i o u s about business.

While we were leaving my house to walk to our cars, I somehow managed to slide down a tiny (note:tiny) hill that was slippery with mud from the rain the night before. I fell and landed on my face.

Usually, in these sort of oh-shit-that-was-embarrassing moments I would sit on the ground for a while, take in the laughs and crack a joke about it. But since I was trying to be a “bad ass”, I got up, wiped the dirt mud off my dress pants and told my landlord that I was just fine. (which I wasn’t…pebbles in your hands HURT! Wah.)

(I’m sure he got in his car and laughed as I would have).

Then I got in my car and felt so awkward. Clearly, I’m not as “bad ass” I thought. Dang it!

Whatever, I’m over it.

Peace, love and apples with peanut butter rock my world.


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