truth or dare

There are certain things that are really good for my soul- wiener dogs, time with this one, wine and truth or dare with a 6-year-old on a Saturday night.

(well, that and practicing the splits in the kitchen)sam1

Playing truth or dare could quite possibly be the best way to spend a Saturday night (am I old or what?). If not the best, then in fact the most hilarious. I am so glad I was apart of these goofy conversations.

Sam (6-year-old) to Marian (older sister): “Marian, truth: have you ever kissed a boy before?”

Marian (10-years-old): “Ew, no.”

Me to Sam: “Sam, have youuuu ever kissed a girl?”

Sam: “NO!”

Sam’s older brother to Sam (in a super matter-of-fact tone): “Sam that’s a lie! I always see you kiss mom!”

Ha! Oh, the things kids say.

Dare #2 (naturally, dare was always chosen over truth.Plus, did you know that you only get 3 chickens and then you HAVE to do the dare?! I learned a lot tonight.

Marian: “This dare says to nibble on a raw potato…”  : /

pauses for a second …”But we don’t have any potatoes”. She looks around and notices the half eaten cookie on the table. “Here Sam, I dare you to nibble on this cookie.”

Sam randomly 20 minutes later, “I just want to nibble on my cookie.”

The whole night was a whirlwind of these silly conversations and Iet me tell you, it was so great.

Other great conversations throughout the night:

Sam to me: “would you rather be in a wheelchair or have those stick things under your arms forever?” … crutches?

Playing with instagram: This is not real!” (looking at all the pictures) then proceeding to “like” every single picture and giggling at the pictures of babies. <—So. great.

And that my friends, is the proper way to spend a Saturday night.


(Drawing of older sister… please note the details on the high heels.)

Side note: while putting these 4 hooligans to bed (of course they were on a intense sugar high) I was trying very hard to be my most serious Caitlin “guys, seriously it’s time for bed!” but everything they were doing was absolutely hilarious. Please tell me it is this funny when you have your own. I can’t wait. <—kind of.


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