Friday phone dump


Friday Phone Dump 287

Friday Phone Dump 294

Friday Phone Dump 281

Friday Phone Dump 271

Friday Phone Dump 290

Friday Phone Dump 311

Friday Phone Dump 295



Friday Phone Dump 305

Friday Phone Dump 273

Friday Phone Dump 292

Friday Phone Dump 319

Friday Phone Dump 276

1. Cocoa   2.Words I’m trying to live by   3. Fortune cookie (CGG!)   4.Mpls love   5. Cocoa and I missing some CGG   6. Favorite place- Pilates studio   7. Good words   8. Jonathan Adler Party (check it out) yum 9. Much needed glass of vino  (don’t you love that polka dot glass? yeah, me too)   10. Snow in April-normal for Minnesota   11. House I would like to be living in on Lake Calhoun   12. LULU LOVE! can’tstopwon’tstop   13. Operation make-my-own-iced-coffee-so-I-can-stop-being-a-slave-to-Starbucks. Success!   14. More lake Calhoun love

Thanks Instragram for making my life better.



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