The story of the girl and her plant

This is a story about a girl, a plant and how this plant may have a hidden meaning behind it…No, probably not but follow along to find out!

This plant is not actually mine. (well, now it is because I’ve adopted it). The boyfriend gave me this plant to “babysit” while  he moved to Chicago.

Sidenote- The girls in my family don’t know how to take care of plants. Taking care of plants goes into the same category as cooking for me, we just don’t understand one another. In fact, just like my baking skills, I managed to burn this plant…more on that in a second.

Where was I? Oh yes, boyfriend gave me this plant to watch while he was in Chicago.

So I accepted the challenge!

I took this challenge very seriously because 1.)the boyfriend loves his plants so I didn’t want to ruin it 2.) I heard that if you can care for a plant and not k i l l it, it means you are ready for a relationship AND a puppy! (cool!) <–who the helll made this up? And why do I actually believe it?

So everyday for about a week I remembered to water the plant and I would take the plant on “walks” outside with me. (I let him sit in the sun next to me on the deck). I also talked very nice to him and told him someday he would be a strong, big plant just like the trees he saw in the yard.

One day, while I let him (the plant) play outside I forgot about him and accidentally left him in the sun while I was out biking :(. It was a hot day and by the time I had gotten home, I had burnt his little fluffy leaves. Gasp!

I confessed to the boyfriend and this was his response,

“I gave you that plant because it doesn’t really need to be watered. And it shouldn’t be in the sun for long periods of time. It will burn.”

Oh reallllllllllllly? You would give me the plant that doesn’t need water OR sunlight. Who does that!?

So basically I over cared for the plant.


Then I left for Chicago to visit the boyfriend, and forgot about the plant for a week.

So  tonight when I looked at the plant, to my disbelief, he had grown a little branch !!! (Branch? Leaf? Stem?…not sure but something sprouted).


Now I think this plant has some sort of life meaning I’m supposed to have learned- maybe if you “tend” to life too much and worry about it too much you won’t grow and when you stop over “watering” yourself you grow! And, if you sit in the sun too long you’ll burn. <—This one I know is true from personal experience.

Lesson learned!

Guys, I’m genius. I know. 😉

Okay off to bed. Peace, love and tomorrow is my Friday. Hollllllllllllllllllller.



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