It’s ok

(just a few things I’ve learned in the past couple weeks)

It’s ok

…to not always be ok

…it’s ok to admit when you are not ok

…it’s ok to cry one minute and be gut laughing the next minute. (People will think you are crazy but really, it’s ok)

…it’s also ok to cry in front of your loved one and have snot run down your face. This folks, is when you know someone really must love you.

…it’s ok to feel sad, frustrated, and extremely happy all at the same time

… it’s ok to be so completely confused and change your mind every hour of everyday (okay, this is actually not ok but it most definitely happens)

…it’s ok to rely heavily on your friends and family at times and call them every hour to just know it’s all going to be ok

… it’s ok to love a place and want to leave a place all at the same time

…it’s ok to be lost sometimes. Not all who wonder are lost…right? < — please let that one be true.

… and it’s ok to fall apart when you have wonderful people in your life who are constant reminders that no matter what happens, it really will be ok.

Ok? Ok 🙂


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