Likes vs dislikes

Like: oranges <–new food obsession. ommmmmmm nom nom nom.

Dislike: peeling the orange and  getting squirted in the eye with orange juice. Ouch. Oh and I passionately hate the word “squirted”. Gross.

 Like (love): pedicures.

Dislike: having the pedicure (pedicurist?) man make me wait 2 full rounds under the dryer before I could leave. I told him I was too impatient to wait and he told me to sit back down or my nails would smudge. I listened.

Like: spring weather in February.

Dislike: snow after not seeing it for so long. I threw my scraper (proper name?) in the trunk today and literally an hour later it was snowing.

S t o r y o f m y l i f e.

Like: clean sheets.

Dislike: putting the sheets back on my bed. I swear the sheet with the scrunchy corners (you know, the one that is IMPOSSIBLE to fold) is never ever large enough for the mattress.It is like a violent wrestling match with the mattress. It makes me sweat every time. Don’t even get me started with the pillow cases.

Like: barre class.

Dislike: not being able to control my giggling during class because it burns so bad. When I get nervous I giggle, I’m awkward. I must learn to control this behavior. This is especially awkward when I have no friends in the class. And I sweat a lot.  L o s e r.

Like: having the day off of work.

Dislike: that horrible Sunday night (in this case, Monday night) feeling of knowing you have to go back to work tomorrow. Nooooooooooooooooo!

Like: that I have a new book to crawl into bed with and fall asleep too.

Dislike: that I drank an espresso (2 shot-er) at 7:00 pm tonight. Opps!


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