Weekful week.

This week was a lot of week. Cha know what I’m sayinnnnnnn? Yeah, me neither.


Went shopping, again. I guess it’s my new favorite week “holiday”. I realize that’s not a thing but it should be. I bought a dress, got annoyed by the sales lady who forgot to take off my beeper tag and only let me try on one high heel with my dress. I think I bought an iced latte this day as well. I remember not liking it and cursing it’s $5.00 price tag. But I took one for the team and  sucked it down. Oh and I watched the grammy’s and asked Adele to marry me. For the record, I meant to go to church that morning but my bed wouldn’t let me leave. Opps.


Went to work. Took a barre class after work. Danced around like a little kid and cursed leg lifts. Decided I want to quit my real life job and become a Barre teacher. All I really want in this life is to wear leg warmers and dance ballet all day. If you threw a tutu in there, I wouldn’t be mad. Really, is that too much to ask for? Oh and I feel madly in love with Uptown. Really, I can’t get enough.


Valentines day. Ate chicken hearts. Sat across from my crush. Giggled over good food and wonderful company.

quote from the night:

C (boy) to C (girl) “Should we get a bottle of wine? Can you drink two glasses of wine?”

C (girl) to C (boy)….awkward stare, shifty eyes…clearly you don’t know who I am.

C (boy) to waiter, “We’ll start with a bottle of wine.”

Good boy, good boy.

Later I drank an alcoholic drink made with olive oil and egg whites. Never again, n e v e r again. The bartender lite a orange peel on fire and threw it in the boys drink. And yes, we’re still talking about it.


Cried valentine’s day was over and regretted all the chocolate I ate the day before. Damnit. Left work and spent way to much time laughing to you tube videos. Alone. In my room. Creepy. Also, had a horrible stomach ache from eating oysters mixed with brussels sprouts. Wahhh. No, I will never learn.


Excused myself from the real world. It ’twas quite great. I also think I cried about 3 times this day. For no reason. I’m a girl, it happens. No, I’m never dramatic. <—-lie.


Went to work. Counted down the hours until 5:00. Spent the night watching a 2-year-old play on an ipad. and learn toddler talk… I thought we had the best conversation of my life. Then I read children’s books for hours and decided I now would like to pursue a career in author of little kids books. Yep.

Happy weekend.

Peace, love and I have Monday off.!<–happy dance. H a p p y dance  Thankyoupresidents!


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