Things I am wishing right now

1.) That my bedroom would clean itself

2.) That my room was warmer than -700 degrees (that means freezing)

3.) That I lived in Hawaii or on the sun

4.) That my contacts would take themselves out and my face would wash itself

5.) That it was Valentine’s day all over again

6.) That I knew how to recreate what we ate for dinner last night

(chicken hearts = nomnomnom)

7.) That water tasted like diet coke

8.) That diet coke was heathy

9.) That diet coke was never invented

10.) That it was Friday tomorrow

11.) That the weekends were 6 days long

12.) That I had a channel changer. Oh where oh where did you gooooooo?

13.) That my little heater wouldn’t keep blowing a fuse

14.) That the fuse box wasn’t located in my scary basement

15.) That my basement wasn’t so flippin’ scary

16.) That it was summer and I was outside in shorts, a tank top and a glass of wine playing with a puppy

17.) That my computer would stop flashing “14% left battery!!!!”

18.) That my computer charger wasn’t across the room so my computer wouldn’t die so I could keep blogging

19.) That my arms were like super stretchy so I could grab the computer charger, charge my computer and clean my bedroom all at the same time without ever having to get up. And find my remote in the mess.

The end.


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