I almost caught on fire last week

Hey guys. I’m back. I got “up” (reached off the end of my bed, stretched my arms as far as I could) and grabbed my computer charger. Success!

Story time. I can’t believe I forgot to tell this story….

A.) because I almost died *dramatization

B.) because I could have died *not a dramatization (is that a word? And what does it mean?)

Before I tell this story, I just want to say something to my mom the only person who reads this blog– I know it’ll stress you out to hear that I have real life burning candles in my bedroom. The truth hurts. But don’t worry, the candles never get left on if/when a.) I leave the room b.) I fall asleep

My mom used to panick when we would light candles in our bedrooms when we were little. In fact, I’m pretty sure candles were banned from the house.  This, of course, is why I have an obsession with candles now. I was deprived. Must lite candles!!!!<— No, not really but actually yes kind of. (I think my mom is the person that created flameless candles. I hate those things. )

Story- ok!

Last week, after I got out of the shower in the morning I was walking to my bedroom in my towel to get dressed. I saw my candle sitting in the corner of my room, so lonely-

Candle to me: “Light me…You know you want too!”

Me to candle “I can’t deny you. You will a.) make my room smell good b.) trick me into thinking my room is a little warmer due to your tiny flame.

The candle won. So I pulled out the matches, lite one and BOOM towel on fire!

Did you catch that? T O W E L (on my body) on F I R E (hot flames that do in deed burn your skin, hairs, everything.)

naturally, I panicked and the first thing that popped in my head was STOP DROP ROLL!

I did not stop, drop or roll. Instead I spazzed out, slapped my towel like crazy and prayed to god the flames wouldn’t reach my hair.

After I had calmed down and put all the flames out, I realized that my towel must have caught on fire from all the hair spray and hair products that were it.

As calm I sound about this now, this was actually one of the scariest things that has happened in my 23 years of life. I never had plans to catch on fire. But now I can say I survived a fire. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Right?

And that concludes my story time. So class, what have we learned?

1.) Take that little warning that says CAUTION FLAMMABLE seriously. Hairspray is indeed highly flammable

2.) Don’t wear towels around the house lighting matches.

3.) If you feel like giggling a lot  go watch this.



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