Tuesday Things

Remember when I used to do Tuesday things posts like 3-4 times a week even when it wasn’t a Tuesday? Gosh I miss those days, only because I love ranting about stupid things. But look, I’m back! And it’s actually a Tuesday- double score!

1.) Can I say Happy Valentine’s Day again? Happpppppppppy Valentine’s Day! Wouldn’t that be cool if your (or my) birthday was on valentine’s day?! I would wear a red crown and throw glitter on people. Obviously the glitter would have magical powers and make them fall in love.  Oh my gosh, that would be glorious. Thought- I need to remember to make sure my first child is born on Valentine’s Day! Weird? Totally.

1 1/2.) Anything that involves glitter is great. The more glitter the better.

2.) Last night during Barre class I saw 3 guys walking by the window with big fat bouquets for their girlfriends. Or maybe their boyfriends. Either way it made me happy that someone, somewhere, was going to be surprised with flowers. Cuteness overload.

3.) Speaking of Barre class, last night we had to do jumping jacks. This made me annoyingly happy for one reason- I discovered when I do jumping jacks I feel like a little kid again. I could do jumping jacks all day! Sometimes (all the time) I do jumping jacks in the morning in the bathroom or around the house when I’m freezing cold. It warms me right up! Try it.

4.) I’m on an extreme chocolate sugar high right now. E to the x to the treme. Yep, true story.

Breakfast time…let’s just say before noon:

Chocolate bowl staring me in the face at work (damn that dish!!)

Me to myself: Is that acceptable to eat chocolate before noon? I mean it is Valentine’s Day. Yeah, it’s totally acceptable. I’ll just eat one piece in celebration of this holiday. Cupid would want me too. (what?)

After one piece: Okay well that was G R E A T! Like too great. Shoot I think I need another one? Yeah, I totally need another one. I mean it issss Valentine’s Day. Cupid would want me too?… yeah…

And then I lost count. And all sense of self-control. Nooooooooo!

And now I have an extreme belly ache and I seriously hope my dress still fits for dinner tonight. I also hope there is more chocolate involved in my night. <— I do.

That’s all folks. My little sugar high brain can’t keep up with my fingers.

One last time- Happppppppppppppppppy V-Day! Go spread the love. Just do it. Not it it, but it. You know what I mean.

I’m done.



Aaaaaaaaand walking away from the computer.


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