Recipe for happiness

Really? Monday morning already? Whhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy?

Again I have to ask- why can’t the weekends be longer?

Done whining. Let’s weekend recap.

Recipe for weekend happiness:

1.) Going to breakfast on Saturday mornings- Is there anything better than sleeping in and going out for breakfast in your sweatpants? Nope. Let me introduce you to the world’s best thing that ever touched my lips- baked oatmeal.

Whoa whoa p a r t y in my mouth!

Not even kidding, I haven’t stopped talking about it all weekend. I must recreate asap. In the meantime I must stay away from this restaurant orrrr go everyday and eat this treat. The best part of it? It has zero calories! 😉

2.)Barre class- Ugh. I must write a review on this amazing class. I can’t explain my extreme love and obsession for it.  It’s right up there with M&Ms, red wine, and wiener dogs. That’s a lot of love.

3.) Speaking of Barre, my pure barre socks arrived- basically I haven’t taken them off or washed them all weekend. The socks have these little grippies on the bottom so my boyfriend doesn’t like when I wear them and touch his legs because I think they ripe his leg hair off. This, of course, makes me laugh. Tee Hee.

4.) Adele. Please tell me you watched the Grammy’s. I can’t get enough of her! Adele, will you marry me? No wait that’s weird. But seriously, I love you. I’m pretty sure she is my age. This of course, makes me feel like a complete failure. I haven’t even been nominated for a Grammy yet, I really need to get on that. Goodness!

5.) Shopping and finding crazy deals. Like I’m talking crazy. I went back to the Gap 3 times because I couldn’t get over the prices. I kept telling the lady ringing me up, “okay, I’m back (haha-awkward laugh). I promise you won’t see me again.” … 30 minutes later.. “okay, I’m back (haha-insert awkward laugh). I promise, last time. Really.” Can you see the pattern?

This is me (hi me!) sending a picture to my mom… :

Mom calling- “Hey, whatcha doing?”

Me- (debating whether or not to tell her I’m shopping again) “oh nothing, just shopping.”

Mom- “oh okay, well pick out a dress and I will buy it for you for your valentine’s day present.”

Me- (happy dance) “ooo mom, you don’t have to. But since you INSIST, I will do as you say.”

Mom- “send me a picture of what you find and keep it under $100.”

Thanks mom 🙂 you da best.

Side note/Rant: Banana Republic (& Express) always have the most annoying sales people. I swear this lady wanted to come in the dressing room with me! She came by to ask me if I needed a new size so I opened the door and asked her if she had the dress I was wearing in an extra small. She looked at me and said, “you want a smaller size?!” Okay lady, whaaaaaaat are you trying to say? walk away, walkkkkkkkk away. I hate clingy sales people, this is why I could never work retail. Grr.

6.) It’s almost Valentine’s day :). Did you know it’s acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch, dinner (& snacks) on Vday? I know, I thought that was an awesome rule too! Boyfriend surprised me with shoes for vday…Hope he’s not mad at me for posting this, I just thought it was too cute not to share 🙂

Your too cute. Knock it off. No actually, don’t.

And I’m off! Happy Monday!


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