i’m high

…on life. (gotcha. Tee hee)

This is how I feel today.

Except i’m not a cat. Although, sometimes people mistake me as CATlin. or say, “cat, for short?” <— Hell to the no. Never.

I don’t know what is going on today but i have the energy of a 4-year-old child who has a severe cause ADD. I feel like one of those little yippy dogs that runs laps around the backyard. It’s GREAT! greatgreatgreatgreat.

I haven’t even had coffee today. <—that’s not a lie.

I don’t know whats going on but when I get in these kinds of moods it scares me because what goes up must come down.


ANYWHO- let’s discuss some great things shall we? We shall.

First things first- bare ballet. (!!!)  Shut the front door. How have I lived without you? I’m in love. Lurve. Lust. Obsessed. Make love to me.

I took my first bare ballet class today and holy guacamole what a phenomenal little class. It kicked my butt (like flames were coming off my butt cheeks.) and it made me fell like a little ballerina! Dad, will you make me a balleria bar? Please and thank you.

I can’t stop talking about how great it was and I probably won’t for a while so be prepared to hear about it for like the next year. Got it? Good. Go try a class, you won’ regret it and your butt cheeks will thank you later!

2.) This.  I laughed. I cried(from laughing).  I am this creepy cartoon drawing! I love when you can relate to something so well the whole time reading it/ROLF-ing (rolling on the floor lauging..for you mom) you are thinking, “omg yes! yes! Is this person writing about me? Is all I ever think about is me? Knock it off. and go get some work done.”

3.) This- Love Ever After Art Book.. whaaaaaaaaaaat?! C U T E with a capital C. I love old people in love. Ugh cuteness overload. I cried, naturally.

4.) Not cute- someone saying, “hey cutie!”. I heard this at work today and judged/flashed the devil eye.

Don’t say that. Or sweetie. Sorry it’s weird and makes me feel weird. #sorryimnotsorry

5.) Everytime I get into one of this out-of-body Im-having-such-a-great-day-I-cant-stop-laughing-prancing-skipping-back flipping I become so incredibly obnoxious on Facebook, twitter, blog, texts, emails, etc. It’s like I can’t get enough human contact! Honestly, if anyone was hanging out with me today they would have killed me, told me shut the hell up and sit down!

I canttttttttttt! and i’m off to run sprints around the house! Holla at cha girl, cutie 😉

Peace, love and rice cakes are gods gifts to heaven. (seriously)


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