Hi february, i lurv you!

Sooo I had plans of posting Monday, Tuesday, oh and Wednesday but then I discovered this little game on my kindle and  lost my life. <–not really but yes, kind of.

I’m ashamed.

I always promised I would never become one of those people who play games on their cell phone. Sure, I will do anything else on my phone. I mean, my phone sleeps in my bed with me but games? No. Never. Nata.

Wrong. So wrong.

Here’s my latest addiction- Words with Friends. Ever played? Yes I’m sure you have. I have 15 games started and I think I’m winning at maybe one. In the past 3 days i’ve become a little ridiculous  (more than normal). I catch myself saying things like “Okay Caitlin, one more word and then GO DO SOMETHING productive.” But it never goes this way- I play one word, see my score, and if I am losing, I get ridiculously competitive and start planning my next move. There is also a chat button so you can chat mean things to your opponent, it’s incredibly great.

The best part? I pretend everything can be a word. Raggen? Sure! Oif? Sure! Xuy? Well that’s gotta be a word! Half the words I post I’m not even sure what they mean.

It’s great guys. Really, great.

Wanna know what else is really great? February= month of lurrrv (love).

Hi February, welcome!

I especially love you because you’re a month dedicated to looooooooooooove! Confession- I love Valentines day. This is my mom’s fault. Every Valentines Day since we were growing up Valentine’s Day was treated like a mini Christmas. Valentine’s Day morning was always greeted with cards left from mom and dad, presents, lots o’ chocolate and a glorious dinner of fondue. It was great. So yeah, I’m one of those annoying people who loves Valentines day. To all you, ”Omg i hattttttttttte valentines day it’s such a hallmark holiday, waste of money, I am anti-love”…probably don’t hang out with me in February because I might annoy you with my love on love.

Shall we get a little inspired?

Now go share some love and download Words with Friends for goodness sakes!!


Happy Thurssssssssssssday!


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