Tuesday Things

1.) I had the day off yesterday. It ’twas g l o r i o u s. I slept in until 9 am <–big deal, big deal!  I decided I would like to work Tuesday through Sunday if I can have Mondays off. Cool? Let’s make it happen!

2.) I had the flu for like an hour yesterday. It was the weirdest thing. One minute I was sick and then in about an hour I was healthy again. What thhhheeeee h. I celebrated feeling better with eating a box of triscuits and hummus. Then I was so full I felt sick again. Do you see a trend happening?

3.) Here’s my new obsession- Weeds. The show, not actual weeds, or weed for that matter. Since I finished Felicity and sobbed watching the last episode (naturally) I needed a new Netflix obsession. Welcome Weeds.

4.) I went home during lunch today and watched 5 minutes of Weeds. That’s how obsessed I am. I felt guilty. Thanks for listening, I needed to vent that one.

5.) I got rid of Facebook because it’s so stupid and I caught myself wasting time on it way too much. But since I lack any self-control it is now back in my life….F A I L.

6.) What would we do with our time if the internet was never invented? I’m on a computer the majority of my day. I wake up with it, spend the day on it, and fall asleep with it next to me. I hope someday I will love my children as much as I love my phone and computer.

That is all I have to report today. Weeds is calling, goooooooooooooood night!


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