Friday things

…a lot like Tuesday things but only Friday (because I can’t think of a better title about rambling). Getitgotit? okay good.

First and foremost, I would like to have a word with whoever made this movie. Why? Because I want to punch him/her for making such an incredibly scary movie (and no, I haven’t even seen the movie yet…and I won’t). This morning as I was getting ready for the day, I heard this commercial on the radio and it most definitely ruined my morning, managing to scare the poop crap out of me. I’m serious. I didn’t even listen to the whole preview, I got half way through it before ripping the radio plug out of the wall and threw it against the wall. (kidding but I should of).

World’s scariest radio commercial:

Casual 911 man: ” Hello, can I help you/whats the emergency”  (whatever they say)

Devil woman (I’m assuming) in super super scary creepy voice: “I need to report 3 dead people…”

Here’s where I turned the radio off.

Here’s the thing, it is actually the c r e e p i e s t voice.  Due to her creepster voice I knew she was the devil character reporting the people SHE killed…Messed up.

M e s s e d u p !!!  UGH.

How do people think of movies like this and whhhhhyyy!? I judge them for creating such scary movies and think they should go to the crazy house. (I probably belong there too but for different reasons.)

This commercial came on while I was in the bathroom getting ready so naturally ….

a.) I opened the shower curtain immediately to make sure there were no devils/monsters/window-bangers hanging out in there waiting for me. “Oh, hey!”

b.) Instantly wanted to start saying bloody Mary bloody Mary into the mirror. WHY?! It’s like when the stove top is bright right and you know to not touch it but it’s just sooo tempting! No? Just me?

c.) This made leaving the house while it was still dark outside very hard…. I was scared. So I ran to the car as fast as my little legs could take me and immediately checked the backseat for anything scary. Coast was clear. Phew!

Shouldn’t they have warnings for these commercials before they play them?!

“Warning: if you are a 23-year-old girl, who is afraid of things like ghosts, monsters, devils, etc. there is a commerical coming up that might scare the crap out of you and ruin your morning. After you hear this commerical your mind might get super creative and think of the world’s scariest thoughts and you will think there is someone around every corner waiting for you. Yes, you. So you might want to turn of the radio for the next minute and think happy thoughts.”

2.)  I need this mini book in my life. So that means i need the iphone in my life. I’m so behind times. #fail

3.) Things I am now wasting my money on = starbucks amazon kindle books. Last night as I was laying in bed I was like ‘oh, shucks I really wish I had a new book to read right about now.’  Ta-Da! Kindle fire to my rescue. New book, less money. It’s the little things.

3 1/2.) For a day I turned off my blog because I thought I didn’t like it anymore +  I was extremely crabby. Sorry blog for taking it out on you (andboyfriend) :(. My brain was filled with too many thoughts + awkward moments kept happening in my life + I don’t have any friends  so naturally I came running back to blogging. m u s t b l o g.

4.)Last night I got about 3-4 hours of sleep so this is just a warning that I will be extra weird (more than normal) /think everything is extremely funny/break into tears for no reason so there may or may not be a post later that doesn’t make sense. Just a heads up!

5.) This is funny.

4.) TGIF. I’ve had so much coffee already this morning that my eye balls are doing this weird thing where they can’t stay still. It’s like sketchy eyes to the extreme. I think it’s a mixture of the coffee overdose and the scare this morning. Cheers!

6. ) I was denied a lunch date with my mom today 😦

Me: “Come take me to lunch today. I’ll pay you $150.”

Mom: “Getting my nails done.”

Rough life mom, rouuuugh life.

Off to worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrk. Yippppppie! #kidding #not kidding #ihopemybossdoesn’treadthis #ihatethistagthingsbutilovethematthesametimecausetheymakemegiggle #theendseriously


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