Dear Chistmas…

Dear Christmas,

Where did you go? You came and went so quickly; you do this to me every year. I should know better by now…sucking me in with your ho ho hos, ungodly amounts of christmas cookies, and gay happy greetings and then you just disappear. How do you expect me to recover from your absence? I could start planning for your arrival next year, but I already know how it’s going to end- me a pants size larger and wondering how you can just pick up and leave so quickly. Sigh.

In case you were wondering, we all talked about you at work today. In fact, that’s all we talked about.

Sally: “how was your christmas?”

Susan: “oh Sally, it was glorious (insert twirl). Dare I say magical!? Yes magical! Can you believe it’s over? H O W!”

Susan: “No Sally… I too can’t believe it’s over.”

Most of us didn’t even make it in to work today due to your absence. I’m sure everyone laid in bed, crying for you to come back. (And chanting-bring more cookies damnit!)

(Side note: If you are not experiencing a wicked sugar high withdrawal and too tight of pants, consider yourself lucky. M u s t e a t s u g a r n o m n o m n o m.)

Now what? Do you just expect us to look forward to a ‘new year’? Why, so we can all make ridiculous resolutions that we will never achieve? Are you just setting us up for failure?

My 2012 resolutions…Yippie!

1.) Be annoyingly nice to everyone I meet.  Never ever get crabby again because gosh darn it, life’s to short! Take risks…real risks. Go bumgy jumping, without the cord.

2.)Lose 30 pounds by tomorrow morning. Run 64 miles a day and live off egg whites and tofurkey.

3.)Remember your age. (pssshhh)

4.)Cut out starbucks. Who needs it? Not this girl, she’s high on life!

5.)Learn to walk on water. WWJD?

Lies. All lies…except maybe the last one.

Until next year christmas, I will be counting down the days ’til you grace us with your glorious presence once again. You will be missed christmas 2011, you will be missed.

*I just had to throw this photo in because we got a laugh at it (shield your eyeballs, I mean Enjoy!).

Jana (after snapping the photo) : “You guys are just so photogenic!”

Me (in my head) : Really? wow! I never look good ever in the morning, I can’t wait to see that photo. I bet our chritmas joy is just glowing!

…later, after we see the photo.

Corey: “omg photogenic? That is the worst picture of us. I look crabby, drunk and tired.”

Me: “Are you?”

Corey: “Yes, all 3.” (picture taken at 8 am…)

Me: “Well I just look like someone whose been up since 3 am waiting for santas arrival! Jerk was a no show once again!!!”

Now excuse me, I’m starting my resolutions early…only 63 miles to go for the day!


(in all seriousness…which I never am…christmas was amazing. Best christmas evvverrrr! I say that every year but this time I’m serious guys!)


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