Tuesday Things

And by Tuesday, I actually mean Wednesday because I fell asleep at my computer last night while I was typing this.


This first one is more of a confession. I didn’t want to have to share this but I’ve heard talking about things help with the process of getting over them. Right? Okay so here’s my confession- sometimes (allthetime) I get competitive about things.  It’s not something I’m proud of but it’s the truth.

I took the boy to hot yoga with me this morning and he {out of no where} did an amazing head stand and kicked some major yoga butt. I, on the other hand, did not do an amazing head stand. Bring it on boy, b r i n g i t o n.

Conversation leaving the studio:

Me (nonchalant): “sooooo you can like do a perfect head stand? Who knew!”   Show off.

Corey: “It  just came out of no where so I went with it…You almost had that crow pose down.”

Yeah almost. I discovered he’s probably one of those people. You know the ‘No I didn’t study for this test either. I’m totally going to bomb it.’… Than manages to get an A+++.

Me on the other hand? I’m not one of those people. When I say I didn’t study for a test, I didn’t and I did most likely bomb it.

Corey said he hadn’t practiced yoga since high school but the instructor knew his name. Coincidence? I think not. We either went to his other girlfriends yoga class or he’s a liar liar pants on fire about not doing yoga since high school. (I’m hoping for the second one.) 😉

Now, that’s more my style.

Apparently I’ve been listening to Pandora (90’s pop station coughcough) way to much- tonight as I was listening to my iTunes I tried to “thumbs-up” a song. I searched for the thumbs up button for about 2 minutes then realized I wasn’t on Pandora.

It was weird guys, really weird. Pandora- I heart you. I will never iTunes on you again. #Shameonme

Look what made it home with me. I’m not sure how, I must have blacked out and went gum crazy.

Come with me little one. Come with me.

Soo there are these smiley faces that Gmail has that make me lol everyday. Do you know what I’m talking about? (because you will only understand this if you are a Gmail smily face addict.) These faces are hilarious to me, I use about 10 per email (no, im not exaggerating, I wish I was). I am going to attempt to copy paste them so you can experience their awesomeness. (Not to be confused with my coolness) Look down…see? Tee.Hee.

Why are crafts so messy? It looks like a paper/glue/glitter bomb when off in my room. I wish I could be all cool and act like the mess doesn’t bother me but oh my god, I can’t stand it. Must vaccum now. And get this glue out of my hair.

I discovered a box of christmas cookies sitting on my kitchen counter last night. Truth: 2 were consumed. My plan was to just taste test one but since that one was so amazing I had to make sure it wasn’t just a fluke and so I tried another. Cookies may or may not be consumed for breakfast.

Felicity is now on Netflix. I just died and went to heaven. I sure hope they serve christmas cookies in heaven. Who am I kidding? My heaven will be full of christmas cookies, brussels sprouts, puppies, wine, and mint gum.

Now excuse me as I’m off to practice head stands, backflips and really cool yoga things. Kidding. (no, actually I’m not).

i’m gonna kick your little yoga ass boy. Watch out. Muahahaha. 


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