Things Im loving

1.) Christmas cookie making at Nana’s. Finally, a christmas activity! I managed to get a little out of control and make a ginger bread man with red, sparkly undies. He turned out great…I’ve never seen such a sexy cookie. Rawwwwr 😉

Me: “Here, take all these cookies. I don’t trust myself with them alone in the house. I’m serious.”

Corey: “No, I don’t need all those cookies at my house either.”

Me: “TAKE THE damn COOKIES NOW! and nobody gets hurt.”

Corey: “Fine. I’ll take the cookies!”…(like he had a choice.)

Couple hours later picking him up to go to our christmas party…

Corey: “Damn those cookies. I can’t stop eating them!”

Me: “How many did you eat?”

Corey: “like 5.”

tee hee. tee hee.

Regret: I could really go for a christmas cookie (or 5) right about now. 😦 Give them back! (And nobody gets hurt.)

2.) This. Please tell me you’ve tried this? No, well you are seriously missing out. It’s the world’s greatest head massager but can also be used on shoulders, back, neck, and butt…wait wwwwhat?

3.) Magic Eye. Please tell me you remember these books. We got this gift at a white elephant party last night.

Let me paint a picture for you of how we spent our Sunday night…in bed, one person magic eyeing while the other one head massaged their head with the WGHM (world’s greatest head massager), and switch. Why are we so cool you ask? I don’t know, we just are blessed with loads of coolness.

4.) The fact that it’s like 70 degrees out in the middle of december. I don’t have to scrap off my car, I havent fallen on my butt yet, the roads aren’t slippery , and my boogers don’t freeze as soon as I step out into the cold. What? Don’t act like you don’t know what im talking about…pinch your nose together as soon as you step outside and if your nostrils stick together you know it’s really fricken cold. #funfact #imweird

5.) The elf on the shelf. I don’t have kids so it would just be weird if I bought this doll but I really really want it. I was thinking I might just rent a child for next christmas just for the sake of having a reason to buy this. If anyone wants to give me their kid  for the month of December, I’m open. I will make mini donuts and scare the crap out of your child, “yeah, you see that little elf? He is ALWAYS watching you. A L W A Y S. Now, would you like a mini donut or not?”

6.) The fact that christmas is in 6 days. Six days! It’s so exciting. Good thing I have bought 2 presents. 2 down so many to go. Nothing like last-minute for this girl! I work (and shop) best under pressure.


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