Thursday Things

1.) Remember this story?

Well, guess what! Apparently the window was never broken… jokes on me!

The man at the car dealership looked at me as if I was a crazy (which I am, shhh) but they said the window was acting just fine fine fine the whole time.

Story. of. my. little. life.

Leaving the car dealership:

Corey: “Well just to make sure it actually works go through the drive through at Starbucks again.”

Me:Hell no! I’m never rolling down that window again. Not even for Starbucks!” (Lie.)

2.) Last night as I was car less, stranded and bored at home I was secretly hoping the window banging man would come back. I was so bored I seriously would have asked him in for coffee.

Me: “Hey you! Yeah you running through the alley!”

Window man: “Me?”

Me:  “Yes! Come in for coffee won’t you? Stay a while. It’s mighty cold out; a nice hot drink will warm you right up!”

Coffee chat…

Me: “Dude, you scared the crap out me the other night! Good job, you totally got me!”

Man: “Yeah?” (giggles) “Sorry, I mean it was such an easy target. Your house doesn’t have a fence , it was just asking for it. Plus, my car was in the shop so I was really bored.”

Me: “I feel your pain, I feeeeel your pain. Just next time, please bring me along.”

(Obviously, I’m being sarcastic. So if you’re reading this window banging man, please don’t ever come back. You will not be allowed in for coffee. I just wanted to clarify that.)

3.) If you eat mint gum then immediately drink coffee it tastes like a white chocolate mocha from starbucks (minus the bajillion calories). Not even kidding. You’re running to the minty gum stash and coffee pot aren’t you? nomnomnom

4.) It’s SNOWING! On my blog. tee-hee. See it?

In real life, it’s raining. Minnesota is bi-polar with the weather. Take some meds already, I demand a white christmas!

And I’m off! Likeadressonpromnight.

wait, whaaaaat?

4 1/2.) I crack myself up, I need a life. N e e d a l i f e.  To do: 1.) Get a life. 2.) And then blog about it.


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