Tuesday Things

1.) It seems that the earlier I wake up the later I am for work. When I wake up earlier I tend to dilly-dally around the house and get sucked into doing really ridiculous projects. Last week 10 minutes before I had to leave for work I cleaned out my junk drawer. Then this morning, I wasted WAY too much time on food blogs and was inspired to make a fancy lunch. The rushing around caused me to spill oatmeal and cottage cheese on the rug. So then I had to vacuum the kitchen rug which lead to vacuuming the whole kitchen which led to vacuuming my bedroom. When does the cleaning madness stop?! And now I’m wondering if cottage cheese should have been vacuumed up? :/ Hmmm.

2.) Due to the cleaning and being late, I had to put my makeup on while driving to work. Kids don’t try this at home! I poked my eye with mascara numerous times and looked like a toy doll/hooker with the amount of blush on my cheeks. It was not a pretty sight. Like I’ve said before, it’s hard work being a girl!

3.) Here’s the blog I wasted too much time on this morning. O M G food porn. This weekend I’m making these, these, oh and these and then I’m buying a larger pair of jeans. Worth it. (good thing the last one is in some language I don’t know so I can’t actually create those. I’ll just drool and lick the computer screen. Hey, It’ll save me the calories and larger pants size.)

4.) This is awkward/embarrassing so bare with me because it needs to be blogged about. I’m blushing/ sweating as I write this. FYI- boyfriend stop reading now, please skip to #5.

Okay, here’s the deal. There’s this man…OLDER man who comes into my work about once a week. He looks just like Patrick Demsey. Super Dreamy. I never talk to him because I actually get so nervous. My boss thinks it’s hilarious. I think it’s weird I have a crush on a man above the age of 40. So I hide in the back room until he leaves.

5.) Boyfriend you are my favorite. Even if you don’t resemble Patrick Dempsey when your 40 you will still be my favorite. 😉

5.) My boss surprised me with a present at work today- jimmy johns for lunch. She knows how to win this girls heart over. I’m not sure why I have such an obsession with Jimmy Johns? I think it’s because their subs are freaky fast. Plus, their unwiches are to die for. Yep, die for.

6.) I’m so sick of christmas music. WHAT?! Ugh, I know. Slap me. It might have been because I started listening to it in June October. Huge mistake, i’m regretting it now.

7.) I had another glass of tea today. Along with 4 cups of coffee. Hey, it’s a start!

8.) Last but not least, 3 very scary odd things just happened as I was writing this post. 1.) The lights in my bedroom all turned off…all by themselves. 2.) I heard a weird noise coming from the bathroom so I went to see what it was and the toilet water was bubbling up. I’ve never seen that before. wtf. 3.) Scariest one- someone just POUNDED on the kitchen window. :(!!!

I’m terrified. And now I’m leaving the house. If I don’t blog tomorrow,  call 911. Peace out.


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