If I could punch 3 1/2 things in the face right now

it would be…

1.) Netflix for messing up my internet. I swear it is stealing all my internet juice from my computer. What the  h-e-double-hockey-sticks Netflix? Knock it off!!

2.) Mint.com. STOP EMAILING ME! I know I ‘over exceeded’ my budgets for groceries, shopping, coffee, life, etc. I don’t need a daily reminder!  I’ve hit unsubscribe so many times if you don’t stop emailing me I will hunt you down and do mean, rude things to you and you’re family.

3.)The student loan account man that calls me every freakin’ day between the hours of 9-5. Listen up Mr.- I’ve told you numerous times I work during those hours. If you don’t start listening to me things are going to get violent (please refer to #2).

3 1/2.) Businesses that have the hours of 9-5 and then are closed on weekends. I want to know how people who work from 9 to 5  ever get any errands accomplished.

Things I don’t want to punch in the face-

1.)Pandora’s 90’s pop station. #downloadnowandrockoutinyourcaryouwontregretit

And that is all. Excuse me as I go scream into my pillow.

(kidding, sort of.)



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