A tea confession

To tea or not to tea, that is the question.

Confession: I desperately want to like tea.

All the cool kids are doing it and I wanna be a cool, tea drinkin’ kid!

Seriously, though, I’ve tried and tried to like tea and I just don’t.

In my mind, I really want to be one of those healthy, green tea drinkin’ fools who goes to Yoga every morning and is nice to everyone. And calm. And says things like namaste.

(Oh, and I want to have actual tea parties. With crumpets on outdated, tiny floral plates.)

In reality though, I’m one of those crazy addicted coffee drinkers who eats chocolate for breakfast and doesn’t know how to stay focused for a whole yoga class let alone 2 minutes. And I’m never calm…unless I’m sleeping but I don’t really sleep due to my 24/7 coffee intake.

But I’m no quitter so tonight when I saw the lone tea bag smashed sitting in the corner of my cupboard whispering, ‘drink me please!‘ I said, ‘ah what the hell! Tonight, I’m drinkin’ tea!”

(again, crazy risk taker over here. I know, I know.)

So I drank the tea. All of it. I added a splash of milk and secretly, im really enjoying it! SUCCESS.

Long island iced Tea? Now that’s a completely different tea and story…and to that I say, ‘fill ‘er up!’

Good night and ‘namaste’



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