Growing up…or lack there of

I’m 23 so naturally I put myself into the “grown up” category.

Adj. 1. grownup- fully developed; “an adult”, “a grown woman” (thanks wiki)

I do lots of grown up things like pay bills, drink my coffee black, watch the news and talk about the weather.

But on occasion, I back track and do some not so grown up things like check my Facebook at work, have popcorn and red wine for dinner, consume one to many martinis (one is ALWAYS to many when it comes to me and martinis) and get into arguments about christmas ornaments with the boy.

I also like to put important things off like getting my car fixed. Tisk tisk, so un-grown up of me.

So here’s the story: about a month ago my driver side window on my new car started acting funny. Once it was rolled down, it didn’t like to go back up. #Notcool.

At first, it was no big deal because it would always, eventually, just go back up.

Until tonight.

Dun dun dunnn.

ME(to anyone in the car if they were about to roll down the window): “DON”T ROLL DOWN THE WINDOW (!!!) because it’ll get stuck. I’m serious, don’t.”

Person in car/my dad: “Well then why don’t you just go get it fixed?”

Me: “I know, I know. I will. Just don’t roll it down E V E R.” Donteventhinkaboutrollingitdown.

So tonight, I felt like pushing my luck with that damn darn window.

After a long day of lunch with the girlfriends and shopping, I needed a pick me-up. Que Starbucks.


Normally, I would get out of the car (due to the window situation) and go inside to order versus the drive through.

Not tonight.

Tonight, I was feeling cocky and said, ‘screw it, the window will roll back up. It’s just this once.’

WRONG. So.stinkin’.wrong.

Long story short, the window didn’t roll back up. So I did what any grown up would do. I went home to my dad and asked him what to do/please fix it.

Bad idea.

I got the talk. You know the ‘I-told-you-so-talk.’ The ‘well-we-wouldn’t-be-in-this-situation-if-you-would-have-just-got-it-fixed-like-I told-you-to-do-a-month-ago-caitlin-jane.’ (he used my full name..that’s how serious it was).

me- Blal blah blahdity blah. (insert eye roll)

 Lesson learned: if you’re ever in this situation always go in when ordering Starbucks if the car window is broken, never chance that shit. And don’t ever tell your dad that is why your window is stuck in the first place. Lie, always lie.

Is it to late to give my grown up card back? I would like things such as snack time, nap time and recess back in my life. Those things I can handle.

Santa are you listening?



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