TGIF cause i’ve officially lost my mind

What a GOOFY day.

I’m literally laughing as I write this. Lol. ROLF. It’s awkward and so great at the same time.

Today a client spent a ridiculous amount ( thousands) on pillows. Like I’m talking about 2 pillows. Am I allowed to share that information? Probably not. I can’t get over it. So I laughed. And now I feel the need to blog about it.

Today I wore tights and whenever I wear tights I avoid going to the bathroom until I am about to burst. There is just something about taking the time to pulllllll your tights all the way up and straighten them out. Seriously, it’s A LOT of work being a girl…who wears tights. Also, does anyone else wear their tights above their belly button like almost to their breasts? TMI? Just me? Okay, cool.

Wait, I had an espresso at lunch today. This might be the reasoning for my giggly mood. Or maybe the lack of sleep. I’m not sure. But my espresso was served with 2 raw sugars that I thought were mini cookie dough bites (!!!) . To my disappointment the waiter told me they weren’t. M A J O R disappointment. šŸ˜¦

I also drank coffee #1 of 3 through a straw. I saw the straws sitting next to the coffee machine and thought ‘what the hell, it’s Friday, live a little’.Ā  So I did. And it was so weird. I’ll never ‘live a little’ again.

The last 2 hours of work I made about 700 mistakes because of the lack of brain power. Usually I only make about 300 mistakes at work so needless to say it was a rough ending to the day. Again, it might have just been the espresso.

I email my mom, sister and boyfriend the stupidest things when I get in these moods. I think there funny at the time but then I just look back at them and judge myself for sending it. I’ve tried to tell myself, ‘No more emails Caitlin’ but I can’t help it. Then five minutes later I text all of them. And then call my mom after work. ..just because. I’m just not sure that much contact is ever necessary. (Please don’t block me…cause I know where you all live.) šŸ˜‰

I have plans to cook tonight and be all domestic but most likely I’ll just down a bottle glass of wine and eat oatmeal. I know, I know I’m getting all crazy over here.

That’s all for today. Thanks for rolling your eyes at this ridiculous odd post listening.

Hello weekend, let’s hang.


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