this is why i’m considering being a veggie lover

and when I say veggie lover it means vegetarian. ( I forgot how to spell vegetarian for a second so went with veggie lover).

I’m frustrated. I googled ‘how to cook one single chicken breast’ and literally came up with 100 different (ridiculous) answers.

“Bake at 345 degrees and pound with a mallet.” Hmm okay, no mallet in sight, next one.

“Bake at 400 degrees, flip chicken every 2 seconds, then take the chicken out and do the chicken dance with the chicken breast held high above your heart so you don’t stress the chicken out. This makes it come out nice and moist.” Oh, OK. wtf?

( I might have made this one up but I wouldn’t be surprised if I read that). In fact, I might just add that one and hope someone actually does it. hehe. 😉

Roast Chicken Without The

People are ridiculous.

This is why I don’t cook. Well, this is why I don’t cook meat because it’s confusing to me. This is also why I eat things like peanut butter and pickles for dinner.

Am I overeating? Yes, most likely. But isn’t there just one single, standard way to cook A piece of chicccccken?

Help  please (mom, I’m mainly taking to you.)

Okay, that’s the end of my chicken rant.

And yes, it is 6 am and I am cooking a chicken breast because I am determined to learn how to cook and what better time than 6 in the morning? Plus, I couldn’t sleep. Most people might go to the gym or make coffee. Me? I make chicken.

Fun fact: Did you know Julia Childs didn’t learn to cook until she was 37? I’ve got time, lots of time! 😉

(that must be the chicken mallet. I guess I need one.)



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