Coffee Talk

In my cup: Black coffee. Want to know a little secret? Sometimes I don’t even feel like drinking coffee but I love the routine of my morning cup(s) so I can’t resist. Believe me, I’ve tried to break the habit and it’s just not happening. (that’s why I’m never getting pregnant, I heard it’s highly frowned upon to have wine and coffee during those 9 months. Gasp! The horror.) 😉

In my heart: this video. I found it very inspirational and true. Take a moment to watch this, it’s worth it.

Today I am:

thankful for my warm bed and house.

going to try to go to yoga class and TRY to stay focused the whole time…ummm yeah.

hoping for a good day of work.

excited that the christmas season is here (always) 🙂

happy and buzzing from this coffee already. yeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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On my mind: lots of ‘whys’ after reading this article. Although it did not surprise me to see this, it disgusted me and made me sad. I truly believe this is one of the reasons women in our culture have such distorted views of what we should look like. Maybe not adult women specifically, but younger girls who see ads like this grow up with unrealistic ideas of what they need to look like. How about using healthy, fit, REAL women instead of fake computer made images? Seriously.

H&M uses Fake Bodies with Real Heads for Models

What’s in your cup? In your heart? On your mind?

Happy Hump Day! tee-hee.


(coffee talk)


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