Let there be heat!

My bedroom is cold.

And if you know me, then your probably rolling your eyes thinking “yeah yeah, but you’re ALWAYS cold.”


But when I say my bedroom is cold I mean so cold that you can see your breath and your toes  freeze off even if you have 3 pairs of socks on. Which, in order to survive in there, you must have at least 2 pairs of heavy-duty wool socks on.

I swear, I’m not even being dramatic about that.

So this morning we had a wonderful little discovery!

Me: (complaining once again about how flippin cold it is in my room) “it’s so unbelievably cold in here! Seriously, what the hellllllllllll!” (insert mad face)

Cor: “Well where is your vent?”

Me: “Umm… oh it’s under the rug.”

Sidenote: I covered up the vent because I have this awesome rug that is to big so it needs to cover the vent. Plus, the vent was ugly and I didn’t exactly realize it’s importance.

Cor:… just looks at me like I might not have a brain.


Me: “Don’t tell anyone about me covering that vent up. Now help me lift up this TV and pull out the rug.” Chop Chop Mr.!

Ta-Da! I think we solved the issue. I’m so happy about this little solved mystery I had to blog about it.

I hope it’s 100 degrees in there when I get home from work. A girl can dream.


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