Christmas tree fun and Iphone jealousy

This afternoon we went and picked out our christmas tree.

This is how it went:

(the 4 kids  running around, pointing at christmas trees): “MOOOOOMMMMM! This one, this one!!”

(And when I say “kids” that would be ages ranging from 18-26. Yeah, kids.)

Mom: “No not that one, I like this one. Marc what do you think of this one? This one is great. No, this, this is THE one.”

So we got the tree mom wanted. I think my brother took credit for it. Really, though, I picked it out 😉

We used to hate eachother, really. Now, so much love….most of the time.

Corey fell asleep.


…then Jake fell asleep.

The “kids”

The poles were chained to the floor otherwise there would have been some poking/hitting going on.

All in all, it ’twas a wonderful day. Minus the fact that I didn’t dress properly and froze off ALL my toes. No biggie.

Also, the boy got the new Iphone. Needless to say, i’m extremely jealous. Only of instagram. I’m going to make him take pictures of anything and everything.

Get ready, gettttt ready.


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