Food thoughts and december excitment

Right now I am living on oatmeal and apples. Not because I am broke (which I am) but because they are both so good. Not together, no. More like apple, oatmeal, apple, oatmeal and repeat for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. Got it? Good. (Feel free to throw some brussels sprouts in there and you’ve got quite the meal.) nomnomnom.

Natural Peanut butter from Trader Joe’s is the death (d e a t h) of me. Well it was last night. Here’s the thing, I’ve bought this peanut butter before trying to be all i’m-s0-great-cause-I-eat-natural-peanut-butter-even-though-it-gives-me-a-belly-ache but seriously I’m going back to the Jif! My stomach is so mad at me, never again will natural peanut butter enter my mouth. And yeah, no judging on the Jif folks. Seriously.

I discovered a new flavor of gum. So I ate half  the pack yesterday, realized I have a (gum) problem and threw the rest of the pack away. I can’t be trusted around gum, I know better than to buy it. Gum and coffee, my 2 drugs of choice. Really, it could be so much worse.

Now that it is december, is it acceptable to start building ginger bread mansions houses? I can’t waitttt!

Happy December! Obviously I’m excited for december because all the obnoxious holiday cheer is out! Please though, no blow-up/plastic reindeer/santa/sleigh/elf  lawn ornaments. Please people, please resist.

But really I’m excited for December 1st because that means November is over and do you know what that means? MOvember is over. (boyfriend if your reading this, MOcember is not a thing.)

See ya mustachio pistachio!


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