day three

Today I am thankful for…

having a Damn. Good. Day.

This whole day was good Actually, I’m going to go as far as saying it was great grand glorious gay (happy).

What made it so great? I don’t know (insert shoulder shrug). I swear there was just a whole lota’ happy floating through the air. And the sun was shining. Both great things.

I discovered Starbucks has their holiday cups now, Target is full of Christmas decorations (yippee!), I had a great run ,took a great butt-kicking class, brought cake to work, heard my favorite song on the radio about 700 times (that’s not even a joke), ate my new favorite obsession of egg whites and mustard (it’s good I swear) and devoured 3 (count em’) 3 apples. nomnomnom.




Thanks Thursday for being so great. Let’s have a repeat tomorrow shall we?


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