sometimes i think

… that the weekends go by way too fast. I start thinking about the next weekend on Sunday night while I’m laying in bed setting my alarm for Monday morning. It’s such a vicious cycle is it not?

… I don’t think enough at work. In fact, I catch myself daydreaming quite a bit. It gets me in trouble so I guess I should work on that. #notgonnahappen

… that I should have bought a cake for my blogs 1st birthday. Because it’s actually a great little celebration (and a wonderful justification for eating cake).

…. Starbucks is seriously such a waste of money. But than I remember how much I love it and that thought goes right out the window.

… that holding hands is actually so stinkin’ great.

… leggings SHOULD be considered pants. Are they? I’m still confused on the rule.

… half the time i’m not exactly sure who I am. Which, I actually find pretty amazing. Creating yourself can be such a fun/scary/odd/beautiful thing. I just hope I get it right.

… that god has blessed me with some really amazing people in my life.

… apple crisp should be considered a healthy breakfast (causeImayormayhavenothaditforbreakfastthismorningsorryboo)

… I wonder where I will be in 5 years. If I had one wish, I’d wish to stay happy. Simple as that.

… Fall should be at least 6 months long…and winter should only last for the month of December. cause I am all about having a white christmas. Duh.

… i think i’ve stumbled upon a really good part of life and im afraid it’s all going to go away. Learning to truly live in the moment is such an important life lesson I am trying to grasp. I just want to bubble up this little part of my life for a while and never let it float away.

… i over think things way too much. This can be a good and bad thing.

… It’s dumb that I set my alarm for 5 am with the hopes of getting up to work out than instead I end of staying in my warm bed, with coffee. Again, it’s a never-ending vicious cycle.

…life really is pretty great.

Happy Manic Monday. TGIF (in 4 days…) Yeah.


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