learning to be still

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“Be still and know that I am God.”  This is a verse that I sometimes find really hard to grasp. As a person who is constantly onto the next best thing and always trying to be something “better” I tend to have a complete freak-out moment when things aren’t completely falling into place (according to my standards) and I forget this simple (but so powerful) phrase.

Tonight, I stumbled upon this phrase written in an old book of mine and took a moment to process these words and what they truly mean to me. Right now it says to slow down, embrace each moments (the good and bad), and know that the struggles are all apart of god’s glorious plan.

Whatever that wonderful plan of his might be, he has my trust and I will work on “being still.” 🙂


One thought on “learning to be still

  1. oh such a good verse to remember…… and after you recite ..that one remember this one too “with God all things are possible”. You need to borrow my kindle and read my new book “heaven is real”.

    Love you, keep up the blogs, they make me feel good! momma

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