Happy Birthday Dad


To my dad,

Happy 39th Birthday ;)!

Thank you for …

…teaching me how to ride a bike, shell sunflower seeds, and change my oil.

…teaching me the importance of always having a full tank of gas (opps)!

…all the work you put into that stupid dodge neon. Seriously.

…for teaching me the importance of hard work, integrity and honesty.

…for all the airplane rides and dance parties when we were little.

…your love of James Taylor. Everytime I hear his music, I think of summers spent in the garage.

…helping me build projects for school. And then driving them all the way to college and installing them as well 🙂

…taking all of us kids camping when we were little. If mom really knew about the lack of supervision and the amount of junk food we consumed, she wouldn’t of let us go back each year. We had a blast.

…listening to my worries about school, finding a job, and all things related to my career.

…passing down your love of architecture, drawing and design to me.

…helping me buy my first car.

…always loving mom. I am so incredibly blessed to have parents who have such a beautiful love.

…so many more things, but mostly for just being you.

Happy Birthday old man.

I love you!



2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dad

  1. I want to tell you this meant the world to Dad, he said “wow, I think I might cry:)”….I thank you and so does he:) mom

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