Dear sister,

remember when we were little? And all the fun adventures we had? It seems all these memories have been floating around my mind since this whole wedding planning has begun. It really does feel like we were just two little girls in matching (everything) outfits.

Remember when we used to have Barbie weddings in the basement and use toilet paper as the aisle and flower petals? Then we cut all of Barbies hair off and colored her head purple. Mom was mad.

Remember when we used to play go-fish when we were actually supposed to be sleeping? My favorite part was sitting next to the heat register wrapped up in my blanket, listening for mom to wake up and come catch us not sleeping. I don’t think we ever got caught. Success!

Remember when we used to “race” to see who could wake up first? I used to slide out of bed oh-so silently only to find you already awake watching cartoons in the living room. I think we have always had the competitive gene.

Remember when we used to dance in the living room with Dad (and the dancing flower) to Gloria Estefon? Thanks dad for the dancing skills, you still are my most favorite person to dance with.

Remember when we used to pretend our t-shirts were long hair and we would  pretend we were filming hair commercials in the bathroom mirror?

Remember when Jake came along? We used to dress him up in our clothes and make him dance around to the Spice Girls. And let’s be honest, I think he loved it more than we did!

Remember the sock contraption you built and convinced me to do all the work? That’s as far as I will go with that one…i’m still bitter.

Remember when we used to have to sleep in the same bed at grandma’s house?… “Your butt touched my butt!”

I think I could go on and on with child hood memories we have.

I also remember the day you called me and told me about Jeff. “I’m going on this date with this guy I met. He’s a little bit older. Don’t tell mom!”

I am so glad you found someone who loves you probably more than you will ever know and who makes you so happy. I’m also really glad he is a complete goofball; he fits into our crazy little family perfectly.

I can’t wait for this weekend and all the “remember-when” memories we are going to make.


Your favorite (only) younger sister




4 thoughts on “Remember

  1. Aww you made me tear up a little…my sister and I are finally starting to get along! She’s 15 and I’m about to be 22 so we have a big gap and have been bitchy with each other the majority of our life and we are so different but I am happy we’re starting to bond over more stuff now:) Congrats to your sister on all the upcoming festivities!

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